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Who We Are

Climate Biodiversity Development (CBD) Consulting is a leader and respected partner in the environment and development field. CBD Consulting is a private consulting company and was founded in 2017 by Colin Young (Ph.D.) and Sharon Young (M.Sc.), both respected leaders in the environmental field focusing on climate, biodiversity, and sustainable development and having successful professional records of designing, implementing and championing integrated conservation and development interventions at both the national and international levels.

Our experts are dedicated professionals who bring over two decades of experience working within various sectors of society including government, non-government, civil society, and academia to advance national, regional, and international sustainable development agendas. Our technical experiences are underpinned by our solid track record of effective leadership, technical know-how, administrative efficiency, and commitment to excellence.



CBD Consulting uses science and strategy to help businesses, government and civil society organizations achieve sustainability and prosperity while addressing climate change and conserving nature.


Our vision is to build a sustainable, resilient and inclusive Caribbean where people and nature flourish.


We are a purpose driven team, and we believe in the power of people and the institutions they lead to effect the changes needed to positively impact society and conserve the environment.

Integrity and Quality

We are recognized and respected for our competence. We act and interact with compassion and respect. We do what is right, even when it is hard.

Work In Partnership

We  act inclusively, respect and invite all perspectives and backgrounds and focus on solutions.

Bring passion and commitment

We care deeply for people and nature. We aspire for excellence and strive for outcomes that our partners can be proud of.


We anticipate change and adapt accordingly.

Transparent and Accountable

We distinguish ourselves by strong leadership and as thought leaders in our field and we seek to be accountable and transparent in all our work and partnerships.

Our Leadership Team

The Leaders of CBD Consulting offer over two decades of experience and practical knowledge with a commitment to excellence, client satisfaction, environmental sustainability, social resilience, and responsible development.

Colin A. Young, Ph.D.

Ecologist, Climate Change and Development Expert

Leadership Profile

Dr. Colin Young is one of Belize’s most respected ecologists and pioneers in conservation. Dr. Young is from the Bermudian Landing Village in the Belize District and started out as a young naturalist and tour guide at the age of seven conducting natural history tours to visitors and scientists alike.

Dr. Young is a well-respected thought leader and scientist and specializes in the analysis, design, development, and management of complex, multidisciplinary development initiatives to advance climate change adaptation and mitigation, biodiversity conservation, community development, environmental development and socioeconomic goals.

With more than twenty five years of professional experience, Dr. Young captured a strong record of demonstrated successes at the various institutions he served, in government, civil society, and academia. Dr. Young holds a Bachelors of Science in Conservation Biology & Anthropology from Marlboro College, a Masters of Science and a Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of Connecticut. Dr. Young served on high profile boards such as the Green Climate Fund, The Meso-American Reef Fund, the Climate Change Center, the Belize Social Security Board and the Belize Telemedia Ltd. Board.  Dr. Young is currently serving as the Executive Director of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center where he is fully dedicated to the work of the Center.

Sharon R. Young M.Sc.

Climate Adaptation, Conservation Financing and Institutional Development Expert

Leadership Profile

Sharon Young has worked for the past 24 years with a broad network of stakeholders, including policymakers, technocrats, international development agencies, donors, grass roots organizations and communities, and national and subnational governments. Her commitment to developing and empowering people started immediately upon completion of junior college when she decided to join a team of highly motivated Belizeans to start a local, grass roots community-based conservation organization the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE).

This career decision anchored her values and beliefs that responsible stewardship of our environment is essential to achieving sustainable development objectives. Sharon’s focus in on developing leaders, building effective teams, and finding innovative ways to solve complex developmental problems. She has spent the past twenty years defining solutions to tackle climate adaptation and climate mitigation problems, advocating for nature-based solutions, and foster collaboration and partnerships that would benefit the underserved and underrepresented rural populations and key biodiversity and ecosystems.

Sharon has extensive executive leadership experience in natural resources policy, planning and strategy development, ecosystems management, conservation financing, trust fund management, project design, management, monitoring and evaluations with specific focus on climate change, disaster assessment and needs analysis, institutional assessments,  organizational design, and labour and employment policy. Sharon undertook postgraduate studies at the University of London and possess a Master of Science in Development Management, post graduate certificate in Climate Change and Development, numerous certificates for training in various technical areas such as project management, monitoring, and evaluation, climate financing, climate and development, disaster assessments, coral reef ecology, anti-trafficking in persons and conflict resolution.

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